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We strive to offer high quality products and to justify the confidence of our customers.

Our motto is:

"The desire of the client is a law for us!"

Misheli Ltd.

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Misheli Ltd.

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About Our Company

Our company was founded in May 2006. Since then we gradually increased the quantities of production. Our main activity is production of veneer.

    At the direction of the company employed governor, chief production and application specialists. The working process employed 30 people who were divided into following posts:
  • Drilling machine operator
  • Cutter operator
  • Fork lift driver
  • Stokers
  • General Workers
  • Dryer operators

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The product we produce is unrolled beech veneer. Its length ranges from 400 mm to 1700 mm. Thickness is 1.00 - 2.00 mm. We work on customer preliminary requests for sizes and delivery terms. Veneer is sort as A / B / C / D and cuts. Any quality is with a different price, but there is a price for a package where the qualities are in proportion.

Success Stories

Quite recently we started to do with construction. We have a construction group of 7 people, tended to expand business and hire more specialists.